A few days ago, my oldest friend sent me a strange email. By oldest friend, I mean we have been friends for thirty-two years now. The email said that they had adopted a baby and included a photo as some kind of proof. I didn’t believe it, so I called. It was all true.

Holy moly! I didn’t think that he had planned on kids, ever, but there he was, showing me pictures of a tiny baby boy. I asked him how he was taking his new found fatherhood. He said that on the first day he got a nose bleed and then threw up.

My oldest daughter sent me a similar email last week that mentioned that they may be “trying for a baby” soon. Are there any other messages on the way? I’m still trying to think about what it means to be fifty.

Babies are starting to make me feel obsolete. What can I possibly do at this point that would be as notice worthy as that cute little face? Does that mean I’m loosing my fight or just my testosterone? Ugh.


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