Quota for miracles

What is a miracle? What is the threshold for unbelievable or at least unexplainable good news? How many friends do you have? In my mind, one real friend is a miracle.

I think other events might qualify for miracle status, like a comfortable visit to the dentist or a two-person line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Maybe even that moment when some singular experience like a great tune, or painting, or story, gets inside your head and makes you look at life in a whole new way. What could be more rare than a good surprise? Also, would there be minimum or maximum lifetime caps for miracle allotments? What would our quota be?

Just never, ever, ever use the M word in public, and with great caution even in private.

I know what your thinking. I just used the “word” on a blog, but I never confessed to having friends or miracles. I only used it in a theoretical context. So that should be O.K. And who reads this thing anyway?


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