day #18,158

Eighteen thousand doesn’t seem like that many days, and I only remember a few things from the first four thousand. Memory is such a poor substitute for good documentation.

Today started like most days now. I had a shower and my morning caffeine, followed by a drive to our youngest son’s school. Next, I faced my desk. The desk was unimpressed. Thank God for Oscar Peterson, Robert Johnson and Wes Montgomery. Later in the morning I found some Jimmy Hendrix, Earl Klugh, Dr. John and right before my lunch break, some Cake. Music makes my time here at my desk so much more tolerable. I feel like those artists are so much of the sweet part of life. Any kind of sustained show needs a solid soundtrack. Writing is such a cloistered way to live. I’m glad it is my third career. After lunch, I hit the desk again for a while but was only moderately successful and most of what I was mining for continued to elude my efforts.

The kids are visiting family and my wife has to work late tonight so I was unsupervised. I had shrimp cocktail and beer for supper. Good times. The dogs and I discussed the next series coming up for the Mavericks. Whether it comes down to Memphis or Oklahoma, it should be some good basketball to watch. Wilson, our scottie, thinks Oklahoma will win their fight and the Mavs will need the full seven games to get past them. I think he may be right.


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