What does it all mean?

I am a member of a writer’s workshop group. We meet twice each month and discuss each other’s work, hopefully, for added perspective and constructive ideas. Today, after returning home from one of those workshops, I went to my desk to send out a few emails to some of the members of our group.

While I was preparing one of those emails, I decided to look up a definition for a word I have used many times, just to see what I would find. Of course, I am a word nerd. These are the kind of things I like to know.

When I went to Dictionary.com I found a disturbing surprise.

col·lab·o·rate  [kuhlabuh-reyt]

–verb (used without object), -rat·ed, -rat·ing.

1. to work, one with another; cooperate, as on a literary work: They collaborated on a novel.

2. to cooperate, usually willingly, with an enemy nation, especially with an enemy occupying one’s country: He collaborated with the Nazis during World War II.


1870–75;  < Late Latin collabōrātus (past participle of collabōrāre)


collude, join, assist, abet.

Maybe I should go back to working alone. I’m disappointed that the only two examples listed for context were novelists and nazis. At least they mentioned that collaboration is “usually” (not always) a willing form of cooperation.


2 thoughts on “What does it all mean?

  1. Sorry I had to leave before you got to read. I took a copy of your poem home with me and I was just going to write and tell you how much I like “Tally.” I loved what you said about Leslie and how she doesn’t count things. The lines that blew me away were the ones about the adopted baby and how much the baby cost per pound!

    This piece made me think!

    Good job!

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