first sounds

Stairwells, shutters, cheap motels, being nineteen, just thirty years ago

The bartender said, “First time on the island?”

We laughed again every time he said it

Three hundred eighty cents a beer, but only because it was our first time

Sand, blue green water, my first airplane ride away from Texas

It was only for the music, it was only for the escape of my father’s house

It was only for a breath, a beat, a moment full of the sounds of my friends

Flip flops, horn cases, T-shirts, jeans and the company of Charlie Parker

At night we made that good music and I wore my only suit, and tried not to fail

The music never fails, but we did now and then, not so much that we gave up

The important things, some of them still say hello now and when, then and again

Do my parents and my children have any idea how much I love that music?

A good story, a good tune, a good canvas full of the sweat and color, the tequila

The sun can fade back into the sky if you spend enough time laughing

With the right people it was church, was the sound we had in mind, the sound we

Wanted, the sound we hoped to make


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