Back on task, thinking about the work of Dean Rader

Works & Days - Dean Rader

Yesterday morning, while working here at my desk, I was suddenly distracted by a story I heard on the radio. I stopped working on the poem at hand and then spent the next two hours doing “internet research” about the inflammatory information I heard, describing a loss of funding at a group of family planning clinics.

This morning I was listening to a different news program, which mentioned that all kinds of inflammation causes premature aging effects on the human body.

Maybe I should be more careful about what I listen to in the morning. This is my primary writing segment of the day, and I don’t want any unnecessary inflammation OR premature aging. I have lots of work to do and am already fifty years old. So I am here, refocused on my appointed tasks, writing and reading, reading and writing.

The first thing I read today was a solid page of poetic work by Dean Rader, from his excellent collection titled, Works & Days. The poem has a big name.

This was a great poem for me to read today because of its humor and free flowing connections. I also need to say a thank you to a cool blog called Eyewear, hosted by Todd Swift, for posting this poem and just for being a “go to” Blog for instant online poetry gratification.


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