Parachute Meditation


All hell breaks loose with doctors and family and legal wrangling and not much sleep.


I have a quiet day. That evening, I decide that the ordinary noise of our children is great.

Prepare to sleep:

Wonder about many things, feel gratitude and try not to worry too much about the things I failed. Plenty of other things around to think about. Is there any pie left in the refrigerator? Is there a god function? Is Contrary going to publish my submission? Is god a perspective of information acquisition? When hurt comes, I often don’t know why. Sometimes I smile and don’t know why. What is this urge for a communication of accountability, urge to pray, connection? Maybe I need a dose of the parable, and write my own. Somnambulant-philosopher-motorist, questions and doubts, third person.

The Driver:

Compare the sum of a single human’s knowledge (HK) to the sum of all knowledge (AK). Imagine (AK) as a folding map given to and held by the driver of a smart car. The excitement of the driver grows as each new panel unfolds, but soon the driver realizes that more knowledge may require a wider field of view. Meanwhile, the car fills to overflowing, the driver is blinded by information and plummets off a cliff. In the moment of his ending, the driver becomes one with the universe. The universe laughs at the driver. The driver becomes angry and demands to know why he was cursed with the map of all knowledge. The universe just laughs again and said, “Shut up, drive, and enjoy the view.” Now the driver is furious, because of being dead and all, and because it was too late for following advice. Then the universe mentioned that the map and smart car were just a dream. “Remember, you drive a Mitsubishi. And besides, we would never give a map like that to someone like you. Relax, wake up tomorrow, and forget this whole experience. But don’t forget to enjoy the irony, it’s complementary.”

Wednesday morning:

I had a weird dream, but don’t (want to) remember much of it. It doesn’t matter. Thanks Dad. I remember the answer now. If it hurts, rub some dirt on it, then go back to work.


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