Hannah Stephenson

Hannah Stephenson

I found yet another good reason to enjoy the Contrary Magazine site today. Hannah Stephenson has a poem there titled, “The Twin,” which led me to her blog, THE STORIALIST. The blog is both ambitious and generous. Bookmark it and come back often, this writer is always working.

Here is one of the many poems at Hannah’s blog that impressed me.


(included by permission of author)

Let us shape the land so we can look out at it. Or we can lift our hands from it and still shape
it with our gaze, as a pianist lifts her palms from the keys to better track melody on the page.

Let us smear Vaseline on our eyes, hold up our extended thumbs and index fingers to make
a frame. We can prune the dead grass from our vision, censor it. The entire forest could be

one topiary if you get far enough from it, one head of broccoli. Our eyeballs make walls
around whatever we stare at. Because we cannot see everything at once, we feel desire.

Another poem from Hannah was recently published at HuffPost Arts titled, “Fraction.” This poem begins with an unexpected Jimmy Kimmel tweet, then moves on to remind us how quickly we all disappear from view. The clock is ticking, we better get busy.


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