Amy King

At Amy King’s website, she describes herself as a “Poet Teacher & Activist.” I would say Amy King is a conjurer of mirrors, crafting lines into a power soaked looking glass for all of us. It would be very difficult to read her work and move past it unaffected, and there is so much work to read. She has published six books and there are dozens of her poems available online.

One example is, “Violent Blossoming Cities Ask How to Hear the Song,” which is hosted at a blog titled, Gaga Stigmata.

Amy King

“…the sacred springs greener envy and the dolls of youth 
turning brittle as the doves of war
melt onto the shield of pleasure versus method—
all based on the fountain’s goblet full 
of a wild colt’s dissolving ink,
sheathed in a nest of sequins. The architecture of how
things come to be proves mostly unable 
to escape the marketplace, …”

Another great three poem sample is available at Milk Magazine, including “WE WILL NEVER FULLY RECOVER, THE SUBTLE AIR AROUND and BIRD UNDER WATER.”

Amy’s latest book titled, “I Want To Make You Safe” was released in November of 2011. This collection is a rare combination of empathy and the artful love of language, filled with life.


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