KRR: day 12


photo by Carlo Alberto Cazzuffi

Acorns suck. They don’t seem too threatening until your cane sets down into the middle of their little gathering, loitering on the edge of the sidewalk. Then you’re waving your arms around like Arturo Toscanini on air traffic control duty. And it was cold. And the sun was in my eyes. And a construction crew was working in front of a neighbor’s house on some kind of remodeling project, but were all to polite to laugh at a guy waving his cane around and cursing.

But the occasional humiliation can be invigorating. Today’s walk was my longest yet at 1.14 miles. I know that because I use a phone app called Runtastic to measure, catalog and mock my minimalist achievements.

Tomorrow is another physical therapist day. So in order to cheat on my range measurements, I’m going to do nothing but stretching exercises in the morning and save my next walk for tomorrow afternoon.

Wish me luck.

photo used by permission from


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