KRR: day 18

Had my first appointment with the new outpatient PT today. The location is only 15 minutes from my home and the new therapist’s name is Carl. He’s a friendly guy.

Carl did some new patient paperwork, measured my range of motion and taught me a few new exercises. Then he attached an electronic muscle stimulation device near my surgery site. I then did quad contractions sitting on the table with each stimulation cycle. I’ve used one of these machines before, several years ago after one of my ligament transplant surgeries. Carl said I will be meeting him twice a week for about six weeks or so.


photo by

My next goal is to get enough range of motion back to start riding my regular bike. The stationary bike is great for stretching and exercise, but it doesn’t take me anywhere. I’m lucky that the city where we live has miles and miles of excellent bike paths and bike traffic lanes, criss-crossing the area. That’s where I want to be, back on my bike, pushing those pedals up the hill and around the next corner. It’s the perfect break from working at my desk.


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