Radio barely (autumn) audible 

Driving windows open on the freeway I see a sign near the off ramp. Things almost remembered, some bold enough to make the attempt. Story is just the beginning. What else could have happened? Lawn pumpkins vs gnomes?

I gotta pocket, gotta pocket fulla, beat – beat – beat

whoa oh.

Sorry about that, radio can be an invasive organism, jumping into and out of any conscious choice about style or intention. I really prefer Coltrane or Eric Dolphy over anything that might be cycling on pop-FM. I’m just trying to successfully drive from point A to that other place, without wandering out of my lane and crashing into a busload of young republicans on a field-trip. Did I mention that we live in North Texas?


Then there’s the squirrel nugget anxiety, otherwise known as the irrational fear of acorns that can haunt anyone who has ever used a cane, which I first discovered when walking and thinking about lawn pumpkins because they can evoke that great smell, because of the undeniable potential of pie-ness, while gnomes have SO much more dedication, staying power and stamina. If you doubt that for even a second, put both on your front porch, wait six weeks. The lawn pumpkin is a gnat riddled gooey mess, while the gnome remains undiminished, notwithstanding a little fading of paint and the few gravel chips from lawn mower launched projectiles.

Also the gold and merlot leafed photo in my office always takes me back to wandering around Central Park with my good friend Vernon, his pissed off wife waiting back at the hotel, where we were supposed to be two hours earlier. Music plays and time disappears.

IMG_0648I am flashback riddled but only occasionally gooey and even if little car trips make me remember many things, some happened, some might or might not have. Why wouldn’t driving in the car, windows open, Texas November, then remind me of gimping around my own neighborhood during some post surgical knee-hab. Damn those acorns and all their squirrelly minions. The thing is, some flashbacks are beautiful, some terrifying and others are just embarrassing and ridiculous.

Whoa oh, the radio.

Could be, I gotta hat, gotta hat fulla sunshine.


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