KRR: day 27

I had my first PT appointment today without pain meds. I got through the whole workout, but it was much more challenging. The PT workout with Carl lasts an hour, and I was already covered in sweat after the first ten minutes.

Our two youngest kids wanted to go to lunch when PT was over and asked to visit the Genghis Grill‎. During lunch, our daughter Jenna asked me if I was depressed about something and I told her I was just a little tired. It sounds like I don’t have a good poker face right now. When we returned home I propped my leg up for a little while and felt much better after an hour or so.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and will also be four weeks since my surgery day. I can tell you right now that what I’m most thankful for is that the first four weeks of rehab is almost over.

The other patients at rehab are fun to visit with during the workout and are also very encouraging. They all say that by this time next month, I will feel much stronger. That sounds great.

Writing about my knee surgery and rehab process have also made me think about this blog in a new way. I don’t know if it means anything to anyone else, but it seems to help me focus on the things I need to get done each day. Maybe I will write about other projects that I’m working on.

I have a new play that I started about seven weeks ago. The draft is put together and now I’m trying to make some decisions about editing and structure. I like the basic plot but I’m not sure about the voice of my protagonist. It feels to me that I need to add a few more layers to this story to make it feel authentic.

Tonight after dinner I will spend a little more time on the play and see if I can find the things I need to bring this character to life.


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