KRR: day 28-37

Yes. The Thanksgiving holiday activities became an excuse to dodge my knee rehab blogging responsibilities. But I did not stop my knee workouts or physical therapy.

My PT appointments are going well and Carl continues to come up with new exercises on each visit. The biggest challenge is still range of motion. Progress is very slow. But the strength is improving rapidly on the new knee. My newest exercises are all things that involve standing balanced on one leg at a time and they are pretty tough.

I walk on the days that I do not have PT. The best part of the walks now are my lack of apprehension when I leave the house. Walking is no longer something I have to mentally prepare myself to do. It is almost casual. Working out during PT with Carl still requires my Aleve 2 hours before, 2 cups of coffee and a good night’s sleep. I’m not sure why, but I feel like I need to make a good effort at PT so the trainer won’t think I’m a rehab slacker. I don’t even know what that means, except that I push myself harder at PT sessions, much more than when I’m working out on my own. Maybe that’s the point.

My followup appointment with the surgeon is coming up next week. I’m wondering if he is going to suggest a range-of-motion manipulation on my knee. ARG. Who knows. More stationary biking, that’s what I need. Then maybe he won’t have to give my knee the big push.


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