KRR: day 42-43

The manipulation under anesthesia yesterday was not bad. I admit that I was a little apprehensive about going back to the surgery center again. Maybe it was because of the four other knee surgeries I’ve had over the years. But this was different.

I arrived in the early morning, checked in, was admitted and taken back to the pre-op area. They took my vital signs and started my IV. Then I just waited there in bed until the anesthesiologist came to say hello and question me before the procedure. Then my ortho doctor came in to talk, and a few minutes later I got some meds in my IV line and I was out like a light.

When I woke up, about 45 minutes later, I had just a little discomfort. When they had me stand up, I could immediately feel a difference in my knee and thigh. I still had some soreness, but it was more of an ache than anything else.

Later that evening at home, I did a few of my assigned exercises and then got on my stationary bike. I was able to move the seat closer to the pedals and there was a noticeable change in the resistance I felt in my knee and thigh area.

Today I was back at the rehab center with my trainer Carl and we did more of the stretching type activities than on my previous visits. We still did the stationary bike and the leg press machine in the beginning, but after that, it was nothing but range of motion exercises. The last thing we did was the one I was dreading most, where I had to lay face down on the table and the trainer slowly moved my lower leg back and forth as far as it would go, holding my ankle at the farthest point for a few seconds, then extending it back down for moment and starting the process again. It was tough, but got a little easier each time. The best part of the whole visit though was the realization that my range of motion was much better than it was before the manipulation. I was at about 95 degrees before, and I know I improved more than ten degrees today.

I also believe that I’m ready to ride my regular bike now and will give it a try tomorrow. My plan is to stand the bike up next to my workbench in the garage, have a seat and see how it feels to pedal backwards while holding on. If everything seems OK, then I’ll head down the driveway and get back out on our local bike trails. Wish me luck.


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