KRR: day 46-54

I did four days of PT last week and have two scheduled for this week. My range of motion is now at 110 degrees and it feels much stronger than it did just two weeks ago.

The only exercises that are still painful are the ones that I do positioned on my hands and knees. I’m still using Aleve at the end of the day and on the mornings before my PT appointments. Biking is now my primary form of exercise on the days that do not include PT. Walking is still nice, but I was tired of seeing the same few blocks around my house, over and over again.

New Year’s Eve will be two full months since my surgery. I have another appointment with my surgeon in a few days. I hope it is almost time to finish the PT and start working out on my own. Knee rehab is very time consuming and I’d like to start spending a little more time on the other things in my life.


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